Are you the victim of someone's curiosity... or worse ? Has someone installed surveillance software on your computer without your knowledge or consent? Are your employees or competition spying on you? Have you unknowingly downloaded a program that is sending your corporate secrets across the Internet? Has a hacker secretly slipped a spy program into your intranet? SpyCop finds spy programs such keyloggers designed specifically to record your screen, email, passwords and much more! SpyCop will detect the spy, tell you when it was installed, and optionally disable it! SpyCop can find over 300 spy programs.

Virus scanners don't detect spyware & Firewalls don't stop it!

Many think someone needs access to your computer to install spy software.
This just isn't true.
Now there are hybrid versions that can be sent to you just like a virus in your email.
Why aren't more people upset about spyware?
The answer is this: The people spying on computers are not going to tell anyone, and if someone finds this stuff on their computer, they usually are to embarrassed to tell anyone. This goes for companies too.

There are over 333 easy to use and undetectable computer activity recording software products available to anyone with no questions asked.

Some of these spy products are freeware and can be quickly downloaded and installed on any computer, anywhere, at anytime, even by users without credit cards !

This is Serious !
Advertiser spyware isn't the only problem any more.

If you bank online or access password protected material, your passwords or private banking information can be exposed!

That's right! Everything you do on your computer can be transmitted right now, instantly, to anyone, anywhere !

Virus, Trojan and Advertiser scanners can NOT protect you ! These scanning programs are not designed to find computer monitoring spy programs. Get Spycop Now!

What's the answer?

SpyCop software will search your Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP computer and alert you if your system has any of the 333 covert surveillance spy programs installed !

When spy software is detected on your system, SpyCop lets you know when the offending application was installed so that you can take appropriate action.

Spycop has spent years building a database of every known computer monitoring software program available. Every week Spycop Corp. is finding new spy products to add to SpyCop. No other scanning package can detect anywhere near the number of programs SpyCop can find so far.

Spot the Spy !
Whether you are simply a home user or a Corporation, you can now get protected with SpyCop.

Rest assured knowing that your personal information, or your company's corporate secrets are protected from prying eyes.

Your copy of SpyCop can be instantly updated by a click of your mouse to find any new monitoring software we add to our database, completely FREE.

SpyCop can rename detected spy program's files to disable them and even let you know WHEN THE SPY WAS INSTALLED!

SpyCop appears to be a standard Windows utility to most spy programs out there, so the spy won't know that YOU know!

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